Login and registration

    Single Sign On has been implemented in UN Info which makes the navigation seamless throughout the system.  Users can easily hop on from User Management to UNDAF to Service Desk.

    This permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access all UN Info modules. They just need to log in once to the system and they can access all the modules at one go. 

    White listing Domains. Users can register to the system only with UN email IDs. There is a well defined list of domains that have been identified at the global level. The system accepts the registrations only for those well defined domains. This holds true in the case of self registration.

    In the case where administrator creates a user, then system accepts all the domains and does not interfere in the registration process. 

    In the scenario if the country wants to include domains 


    For a user to access UN Info, Registering into the system is the basic step and further Logging in as desired user. These two will be explained in detail in next sections with all the necessary steps to continue with. Once user goes to the site, he will asked to login if already registered or register first in the system. 

    Login page


    A global user will be able to manage the respective plans, while as a user can be associated with single or multiple workspaces. The user will be able to work on corresponding workspace templates.

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    Author admin Post Date : 21 Junio 2018