Roles and permissions

    In system you are able to configure the settings and controls for user permissions across the system.

    Manage access to the system for authorized users by assigning permissions to different roles. There are four roles provided by the Global Administrator: Plan Manager; Data Reporter; Data Reviewer; and Results Group Lead. These roles cannot be customized, so if you need to make any amendments you will have to create a new Role. While creating a new role, one needs to mention its title, short description and persona (if the role is primary, secondary or tertiary). User Personas are representations of people engaging with UN Info. Country admin shall have a primary persona, while a data reporter might have a secondary persona.

    Setting permissions for roles

    Once you create a role, you can set permissions for the selected role in modules tab for the sections like planning, reports etc.

    Setting permissions for roles

    You can further set constraints for the Role to specific levels of the plan in constraint tab. Click the check box in front of the plan level that the role should have access to. 

    Setting roles to specific level

    The configurations performed at the administrator level are replicated to the Planning and Monitoring Modules.

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