Setting country template

    Before planning and monitoring, one needs to set Country template (Establishing the structure of the Plan)Click on Template Management and you will automatically have two Plan Templates available - UNDAF and BOS.

    Template management


    User can here opt whether output should be part of JWP or UNDAF. Various configurations for CBF, tags are done here. Tags/markers are dimensions categorizing and providing different attributes to the levels of the plan, by default they are associated at the lowest level of the plan. 

    Tags and markers

    The Common Budgetary Framework (CBF) provides the financial overview of the Plan. Captured at the lowest level of the plan, you can configure its elements to aggregate from the lowest to the highest level. In UN Info, a CBF element such as budget is called an Indicator.

    The medium term Common Budgetary Framework (CBF) is mandatory for all countries who add their UNDAF. The following CBF indicators are mandatory at the UNDAF level. Frequency of reporting these indicators is End of Cycle, meaning that the data for these indicators will be entered once in the whole span of UNDAF.

    medium term cbf

    Short-term Common Budgetary Framework (CBF)

    short term cbf

    Total required resources, Available resources (can be core and non-core), to be mobilized resources need to be definitely adopted in the JWPs. These indicators help you report on the whole lifetime of a KA. If you wish to report on the KAs on an annual basis then you may optionally adopt - Total required resources (Annual), Available resources (Annual), To be mobilized resources (Annual). These CBF indicators can be edited from administration. 

    Indicator management can be also done. Whether indicators needs to be added at certain level, its data entry shall be allowed.

    For BOS we can select Outcome area amongst the fixed 6 Outcome areas. 

    BOS Plan template


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