Tags and markers

    User can associate tags/markers for the lowest level. The values are rolledup to the upper levels also upper level values are rolled down to the underlined levels.

    Tag item association in planning

     The information regarding tags:


    Add the Geographical scope of the Plan item

    Result Group

    Associate the Outcome to the relevant Results Group


    Associate the Plan item with relevant agency/ies, multiple selections can be available.

    Source of Funds

    Select the source of funds that are funding the plan item.

    Implementing partners

    Associate the plan item with relevant implementing partners

    SDG Goals

    Associate the Outcome with relevant SDG Goals, no more than3 Goals can be selected

    SDG Target

    Associate the Key Activity with relevant SDG Targets, no more than 3 targets can be selected.  You can find the full list here: SDG Goals and Targets.

    OECD DAC Sector

    Associate the plan item with relevant OECD/DAC sector up to a maximum of 5. You can find the full list here: OECD/DAC Sector Purpose codes.

    Joint Program

    If the Plan item is included in a Joint Program, select the name of the Joint Program.

    Lead amongst the tag items can be chosen if one has enabled the lead option. 

    associating tags


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