Monitoring progress

    Progress tracker is a traffic lights system to determine level of achievement of targets based on the ranges set for the plan. Its configurations are currently managed by the global administrator and countries can’t overrule the settings. The system calculates the progress percentage of indicators based on their planned and actual values. Based on the range under which this value lies, the appropriate symbol is displayed in front of the indicator as score in Planning/Monitoring.

    result tracker

    Score is not calculated automatically in case of qualitative indicators (text) and need to be entered manually in the system by selecting the apt score from the dropdown choices- No achievement, Low achievement, Partial achievement, High achievement, Fully achieved. This helps user to make precise decisions for its monitoring whether it is heading towards right direction or not. Roll-up of the score will take place from indicators level to the immediate upper level. Also in certain cases, when indicators are not associated directly at a specific level of a plan then the score may be inferred from the underlying levels. 

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    Author admin Post Date : 22 Junio 2018