Approval process

    Approval process is opted by countries at both Planning and/or Monitoring stage if they wish to.

    Approval process

    Approval during Planning

    Select the level at which approval should be done. For example if Outcome is selected, then all the Outcomes in the plan will have an (editable) approval button. If the user clicks on the approval button then the information of that outcome and its underlying levels of that plan are labeled as approved and the information can be made available in dashboards and reports etc.

    Approval process Step 1

    Once level is selected, then choose the sub-elements under the chosen stage by selecting the corresponding checkboxes so as to put the mandatory checks on that particular plan. E.g. levels, tags.

    Approval process Step 2

    Approval during Reporting

    Here user needs to select the content that needs to be verified when the user checks the approval button for the CBF, progress data, progress reporting.

    Approval process for reporting
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