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UNDAF guidance

    Who is this guidance for?

    This guideline is developed to support users to undertake Planning and Monitoring in UN Info system

    The basics

    To facilitate the understanding of the guidance, we start with some general introduction to the different pages and symbols used in UN Info. This will help to know what we are referring to when giving step by step instructions.

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    UN Info pages

    Below is an overview of the different pages you will encounter in UN Info with a short description of their functionally.

    image 2

    image 3

    This menu page provides access to all functionalities to create, edit and manage templates, plans and users. It also gives access to standardized reports and dashboards (extracted from the data entered in the system). Below is the explanation of each section:

    1. Planning: Access to all existing plans (UNDAF, BOS, and JWP) and ability to create new ones.
    2. Monitoring: Access to monitor all existing plans.
    3. See the data: Access to pre-formatted reports with extensive filter options and interactive dashboards.
    4. Administration: Establishment of UNDAF, BOS structure, Indicator management, configuration of users’ access and publishing of data.

    Help: Other guidance, FAQ’s.