Self registration

    A UN user can register on the UN Info system.

    The user would have to fill up a registration form that would go to the country administrator for approval. Once approved, the country administrator would then assign roles and permissions to the user. The registered user will have access to only that workspace in which the account has been created. Refer to the below steps for self-registration.

    1. Click “Register” button on the main page. ​​register


    2. A new window appears asking to fill name, surname , position and select the organization.



      3. Note once user selects organization other fields of form will start appearing.

      registration process next step

      4. Provide the information regarding email address, password, position. Make a choice for language.

      5. Select function of the user.

      6. Click on create new account.

      7. An email will be sent to the provided address with password only after country administrator approved your registration.

      Self registration process


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