Reporting data

    Reporting data implies adding actual data for indicators. In right window of indicator, under data grid, you can enter actual values for the current time period. Click on the data cell to enter values for the indicators.

    reporting data

    We need to enter source for the data value. Right click on the data value to enter source.  We can either add a new source or the data can be sourced from a default source.

    Default source: Select from dropdown the default source which gets associated with all data values in the grid. If you wish to add new source follow the steps described below. Otherwise if we do not opt for any of the two options then system will throw error for not selecting any source.

    For adding source: After right clicking the below pop up window appears. Choose the appropriate source of the information from the drop down menu.

    add source

    Or you can create a new source by clicking on add button. It opens a set of multiple fields for which the information needs to be entered like  title, year, url etc. Once entered click on save. User can also edit or delete the source by clicking on the buttons to the right. 

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